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Why would I set up a page recommending my competitors, you may ask? There are three reasons:

  1. Good financial advisors are few and far between. If I know one, I want the world, including my prospective clients, to know. I don't mind them comparing to find the best advisor.
  2. My services are highly personal. As the result, I have a limited capacity - about 60 clients. For those who are not suitable to be my clients, I want them to have good alternatives.
  3. In the same vein, my services are not suitable for all prospective clients. I want to point them in the right direction so they can avoid the hit-or-miss approach to finding the right advisor.

Here are the financial advisors I admire the most.

Allan Roth
Allan serves high worth clients as well as low worth clients on an hourly fee or project fee basis. His fee model brings him a lot of work - currently he has a two month backlog - but it won't make him rich. Allan is sanguine about it: "My goal wasn't to die the richest person in the graveyard anyway." He blogs at CBS MoneyWatch, and his firm name is Wealth Logic.
Robert Wasilewski
I first got to know Bob from his insightful participation on my blog - Investment Fiduciary. He puts a very strong emphasis on investor education. In fact on his firm's website, he says that "he seeks to teach individuals how to manage their own assets." For those who have no inclination to do so, he charges a low asset management fee to manage their assets for them. Bob blogs at DIY Investors, and his firm name is RW Investment Strategies.
Tom Warburton
Tom is my mentor in practice development. He recommended me to Dimensional Fund Advisors. He gave me priceless practice development advice and asked nothing in return. Without him, I would not have an independent advisory practice today. I have no doubt he would give his best to his clients just like he did to me.
Larry Swedroe
Larry is a prolific financial writer. What impressed me the most is his academic rigor. The asset management firm he co-founded - Buckingham Asset Management (BAM) - is poised to become the Goldman Sachs of the RIA world. For people who are not comfortable with small practices like mine, they should check out BAM. It is truly an advisory firm with institutional strength.

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