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Consultative Wealth Management

Wealth Management means having clients' financial challenges solved and their financial situations enhanced on a continuous basis. In its simplest form, it comprises three phases:

  1. Using a consultative process to establish close relationships with clients in order to gain a detailed understanding of their goals and most important financial wants and needs.
  2. Offering customized choices and solutions designed to fit each individual's needs.
  3. Delivering these customized solutions in close consultation with the clients.

Wealth Management Formula

To orgnize our approach to wealth management (WM), we use a simple formula:

WM = IM + AP + RM
Investment Management (IM)
When prudently done, it forms the foundation on which clients preserve their hard-earned wealth.

Advanced Planning (AP)
This addresses the range of financial needs beyond investment management:
  • Wealth Enhancement - Using smart planning to mitigate taxes
  • Wealth Protection - Insulating accumulated wealth from catastrophic loss
  • Business Succession - Capturing the value of a lifetime of hard work.
  • Wealth Transfer - Ensuring heirs are well taken care of
  • Charitable Gifting - Leaving a lasting legacy
Relationship Management (RM)
This involves coordinating clients' other advisors (attorney, CPA, etc.) to work towards clients' best interests.

Discovery Meeting (or Phone Call)

The first step of engaging our firm's wealth management service is to schedule a discovery meeting by clicking the yellow button above.

Second Opinion Financial Review

If you already have a financial advisor and are not sure if he/she is doing a good job for you, schedule a free second opinion review with us. We are happy to explore with you whether or not we can add substantial value.

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